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We’d like to introduce ourselves to you!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for visiting our blog. We’re Len and Jackie Endres, and I hate to admit that this is the most recent photo we have of us together. It’s a few years old. I was wondering why Len looked so naked here, and it finally dawned on me that this is the only picture ever taken of Len without a beard! I, on the other hand, don’t age, and oh yeah, I’m still 40. Every year! For those of you who know us, you know we’re both ethical people who will be straight with you, (except for lying about my age), and we really enjoy helping others achieve success.

This is Ozzie. He’s a Bengal cat who likes to play fetch like a dog. Bengals are nuts, affectionate and interactive, and we love our furball, who’s now full grown and huge. Bengals are taller and longer than domestic cats, have spots like a leopard, and are very athletic. Oz weighs in at 20 lbs, and can jump from the floor to the top of a door, or onto your shoulders.

You can probably tell we’re animal lovers, so when a friend called us looking for a home for an abandoned cat, we raised our hand and volunteered. Meet Goldie! She’d been tossed out of a moving car and starved for a whole week while they tried to find her. She was terrified, was hiding, and abandoned because she was pregnant. She’s settled in nicely after that traumatic experience, and Ozzie loves her! She has fur as soft as down, and we think she’s beautiful!

Once again, we want to welcome you here, and our wish for you is all that we wish for ourselves. Please feel free to say “hello” in the “Comment box” below. We’re looking forward to talking to you!

All the Best,

Jackie & Len


Finding the Right Online Opportunity – Part 3

Here’s my all time favorite criticism: Avoid those businesses whose websites are generously flavored with spelling mistakes, typos, and lots of incorrect grammar. We all have our own biases, and this one’smine. Effective marketing and advertising  is directly linked to effective communication. I’ve noticed that the sites with those kinds of dreaded errors, are much more likely to be scams. If I see multiple errors on a site, I can’t get out of there fast enough! You want to be associated with a professional website, not something someone threw together during their lunch break!

As you’ve probably already noticed, some are 100% hype! “You’ll be making millions while you’re lying on the beach!” Maybe you will someday, but it probably won’t happen by next week! There’s a difference between “advertising copy”, which is a hook to get your attention, and facts. Just because it’s in print, doesn’t make it true! The advertiser’s job is to get you to read their ad and create enough curiosity, so you’ll click on the link.

How do I become successful?

To be successful you have to start. Making the decision to take action is the most important thing you can do! You’ll need discipline and will power to keep it going. Success is like a train. It starts out very slowly, and little by little starts gaining momentm until it’s moving so fast, that success is inevitable! That kind of momentum is powerful. Make your work fun. There are people I know that can’t wait to get to work. That’s how much they enjoy it.

Along the way, you’ll need to clearly identify what challenges you’re having so your mentor can help you with them. You’ll need to develop your skill levels so your confidence level rises, and you’ll see some rewards from your labor. Know that some of the work will be routine. Keep in mind there isn’t a job out there that doesn’t have some day to day routine involved. Keep your focus on the end result and what your goals are!

Set Goals.

You’ll need some analytical skills to problem solve. For example, you might have to determine how many website visitors will it take to generate one sale? Or how many opt-ins generate a sale? Those are simple formulas so you can project the amount of business you’ll need. Let’s say you need to generate $2000 to cover your expenses. You’ve learned that 100 visitors to your site will generate at least 1-2 sales. Figure on the conservative side. If one sale = $500, then you’ll need 4 sales to meet expenses. That means you’ll have to get 400 visitors to your site to meet your goal. If you can get 50 visitors a day to your site, then you need to double your efforts to get the needed 100 visitors. Goals are specific and can be broken down into smaller parts to achieve them. Setting goals is really important to achieving success.

I used to say to my students that “If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you ever going to get there?” I used an analogy of a basketball and a hoop. If you were blindfolded and couldn’t see the basketball hoop, you’d have no idea where to throw the ball. You need a clear vision of the distance between the ball and the hoop in order to make a basket. It works the same way for setting your goals. It’s about planning. You need a clear vision of where your business is going.


Without it, you won’t get to the end. You need to be committed, have focus, and drive. The drive is the fuel and keeps your engine going. When you go to bed at the end of the day, think about what your future goal is and see yourself living as if you’ve already reached your long term goal. Relax and see yourself living your dream. Visualization is a very important tool.


It’s difficult, and we’ve all had it, but try and work through it. Keep working until you figure it out and the frustration is gone. Don’t try to do it alone too long without seeking help.

Make It Easy

Know what your customer wants and show them how to get it. Make it simple to get. I’ve seen businesses where the product is unbelievably difficult to buy. Give the customer a few convenient choices to make a purchase. If you make it too hard, you could lose valuable customers.

Know Your Business

Know why your customer wants your product, and what has motivated them to buy it. It’s always about your customer and how to satisfy what they want. Ask your customers questions, and show an interest in helping them. Be knowledgeable about your business, so when someone asks you a question, you can give a straightforward answer. You want to inspire confidence, so do your homework and become an expert. I wish you a good experience and good luck!

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Finding the Right Online Opportunity – Part 2


Success Formula – Part 2

Find a Mentor

Many online businesses are set up so you can learn what to do from a sponsor. When you find a business you’re interested in and you sign up, make sure it’s with a sponsor who knows a great deal about the things you need to learn, and that the sponsor is willing to teach you. Your sponsor is either compensated for helping you through earning commissions, or helping you is in their best interest. If that’s not the case, find a program that benefits your sponsor to help you, and select a program and a sponsor carefully. You want them to get something out of teaching you. When they benefit, so do you! Starting a new business can be stressful, so select a sponsor you get along with, so there’s minimal stress. Study different compensation plans so you can compare your selections. Some of them are very complicated. Simple comp plans are the best because everyone can understand them.

Make sure your sponsor knows how to advertise online and offline, because knowing how to attract and acquire customers is critical to all businesses. A good mentor must be willing to not only share their knowledge with you, but help you implement what you learn. Many people involved in online businesses already know that to grow your business, you will have to teach others how to do the same thing they do. The one thing most people are looking for today, is a proven system where you can own your own business, have more control of your life, and create your own income. The demand for financial independence is great, and the most successful people are teaching others what they know to attract motivated leaders.

You should be looking for an organized step-by-step business plan that you can follow, many with different ways you can market with varying costs, so it can appeal to everyone’s budget. Ask as many questions as you need to, to learn and grow.

Have Very Clear and Realistic Objectives

Write down your expectations. You’ll need to discover what a realistic business objective is and how to attain it. You may have the right business and the wrong sponsor. Not all sponsors are good mentors. But you definitely need to match your expectations with a business in a realistic way. Stay away from unclear, or expensive ideas. If it’s vague to you, it’ll be vague to others, so make sure it’s understandable. Interview sponsors to determine which one fits your needs best, and will help you achieve your goals. Find a mentor who will listen to you and inspire you.

Ask enough questions of them so you can make the following determinations: What kind of commitment will you get? Does the sponsor seem to have honesty and integrity? Are they realistic or do they tend to exaggerate? Stick with those who take the time to answer your questions and are organized and thorough. You’re looking for a mentor, so you want a person who’s professional.

If their answers satisfy you, they might be a good fit. Ask about the tools and techniques they use, and if they’ll share those with you so you can achieve success. And finally, select a sponsor who knows a lot more than you do, and is willing to take on the challenge of teaching you.

Use Trained Brains

To be successful in any business online or off, you’ll need customers. That involves a solid working knowledge of marketing to attract them. Consider what kind of training you’ve had. If you’re an analytical thinker, and that’s what you’ve been trained to do, then get some help with the more creative side of the business, like writing ads! Be prepared to get the kind of expertise you’ll need. The learning curve may take too long and shouldn’t be learned through trial and error. Doing tasks you know nothing about creates a lot of frustration.

You’ll need help to know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll need a structured format to follow from someone with marketing experience. You’ll want a listing of effective places to advertise, with their associated costs, and lots of choices. Stay away from using just one advertising method, no matter how great they say it will work for you. You’ll need several marketing methods to succeed. You want your business to grow so you’ll need to learn how to reach different markets.

Success Formula – Part 1

Opportunities Galore

If you stop by Google and type “work at home” in the search box, as of this date, you’ll get 185 million results! There are so many opportunities out there! And the reason there’s so much demand is because so many people want to work for themselves and get out of the proverbial “rat race”. If you don’t know anything about being in business for yourself, you’ll need some help. So let me start out by saying this: There’s nothing you can’t do. Having said that, you should also know that training can greatly improve your potential abilities.

Success in any field requires commitment, focus, drive, and usually a considerable investment of time and money. But it won’t take as long as you think if you’re focused. First, you’re looking for a way to make money, and it’s probably out of necessity. It might even be an emergency situation! Begin by finding a business or existing program that you have an interest in. Don’t join something you have no interest in just for the sake of creating an income stream because you’ll end up not liking it, and ultimately you’ll lose interest in it.

You’ll have much more success when you believe in the business. Start by researching the kinds of businesses that you’re attracted to. Allow yourself some time to do research, and find out as much as you can about the products that benefit people. Narrow down your interests. The more specific your search, the better the results you’ll have. Don’t look for broad “making money”, or “work at home” opportunities. Narrow the field down to something specific like “Expert Postcard Services” or “Cash Gifting” as a business alternative. If you already have some expertise in a field that you enjoy, you’ve got the hard part nailed!

There are programs both online and off that have highly structured business plans, along with problem solving methods designed to help you succeed, and specialized training in marketing. Some recent business opportunities are offering much more to prospective business owners because there’s a lot more competition. Still, be aware that others leave the business plan and your success totally up to you. You’ll need to ask “what kind of training do they include?” And if so, what will they teach you? Don’t settle for a vague “Everything you’ll need to run a business is included in the back office after you join!” You’ll need to know specifics about what you’re going to get, such as business skills you will learn, so you can assess whether there’s value in the price. Be aware there are some opportunities that offer rather outdated, overpriced software. In a digital age, products need to be updated often. Ask when they were last updated.

Be Realistic

If you have highly focused objectives, you can find a business plan that can be matched to your needs. But you’ll need to match your expectations in a realistic way. For example, if you need to earn $5000/mo., and you’re new to marketing, you may not be able to reach your financial goals quickly enough with a business vehicle that can only generate $25 a sale. To reach that goal, you’d need 200 sales. You might want to consider something where you could generate $500 per sale. That way, you’d only need 10 sales. Which way seems more realistic to you? The right business plan is critical to your success. With the right plan, you can achieve your financial goals.

One option is to work for yourself part time while you continue working for someone else in order to pay your bills. That way you can gradually generate enough income as you move to your own full time business. Don’t begin a business undercapitalized. Ask a few experienced people in the business how much money you’ll need, what expenses will you have, and how long will it take to generate income? Keep in mind those answers are different for everyone, since we all have different skill levels and knowledge, and we all learn at different speeds. But if others share their experiences with you, it will give you a frame of reference for how long it took them, and it will give you a target goal. You’ll also need people skills to sell and relate to your customers, and creative skills for effective marketing and advertising. If you don’t have all these skills, find a mentor who does!